What Is The Linda Bullock Technique?

The subconscious knows all about you and your life, past, present and future, and there is a unique way that it communicates with you through the language of symbolism.

This amazing store of information about you is just waiting for you to communicate with it.
Linda discovered this technique over 34 years ago and has been refining it and working on it with countless clients ever since and now she is ready to share it with you and teach how, just with The Linda Bullock Technique™, you can change your life.

The Linda Bullock Technique™ is a very practical tool for either self help or ideal as an extra tool for Counsellors and people working in the talking therapies or it can stand alone as a therapy.

Tried and tested by many psychologists and counsellors with brilliant results, it not only allows people to analyse their own lives or their client’s lives without having to open up and relive emotional and painful problems and experiences from the past, but it can also empower a person to change any aspect of themselves and their lives when used as a transformation tool.

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