Sue C. from Paignton, UK

Jan C. from Lincolnshire, UK

"All my gratitude and my thanks to Linda Bullock who guides with kindness and generosity the students learning the LBT.

This long matured and in-depth technique impacts immediately on the various aspects we wish to improve such as psychological, professional, emotional, material, spiritual, etc...

By repositioning adequately with our most intimate aspirations we allow and encourage the revelation of our potential. With the LBT it is only a question of letting the subconscious reveal what has to be known through images, impressions and/or emotions. This is the trigger aiming to the realization of our purposes. 

As emphasized by Linda in her subtile pedagogic follow-up, it’s all about learning a new language made of symbols and common sense. 

During this week, my experience showed me little by little the interconnections taking place and allowing the understanding of the method. The « puzzle » reveals itself, sometimes in a sudden and surprising way, generating a feeling of inner freedom and « everything is possible ».

I can only encourage anyone in a quest for authenticity and truth to take a very close look at the LBT. 

A huge 'thank you' for these exceptional teachings."

Michèle M., Lausanne,

Switzerland - January 2018

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